Work Smart with EnGenius Cloud
Easy to manage and monitor multiple sites in hierarchy view and with real-time device status and comprehensive features for business needs.
Manage Your Network with Hierarchy View
Manage and monitor company networks with hierarchy view based on different locations or business setups.
Quick Access to Access Point Status​
Manage all APs in one place and quick access of current traffic usage and essential configurations.
Detail View of Switch Port and PoE Status
Check real-time information of port connection state and PoE utilization and make configurations for each port of individual switches.
User Authentication for WiFi Access Per SSID
EnGenius Cloud offers various authentication methods for different business requirements. You can configure the AAA authentication all on the cloud or by Customer's RADIUS server, create a Guest Wi-Fi with preset access, or let users log in by linking to their social account.
Cloud AAA

Authentication, authorization, and accounting on the Cloud

Custom Radius

Use local radius server for authentication


Pre-define access templates Specific portal for front-desk

Social Login

Login with a Facebook or Google account


Customize a Splash Page for Your Captive Portal
Use the WYSIWYG editor to create a pleasing entrance for your captive portal. You can select one of the available templates and place a logo in your preferred position. The customized captive portal properly diverts visitor traffic while delivering important messages to your guests.
Scheduled Firmware Upgrade for Multiple Sites and Networks
Create firmware upgrade tasks for different groups of devices based on region, locaI timezone, and other configurations.


Block Suspicious Clients
from Your Networks
The rogue client monitoring tools allow you to deny access to your SSID for selected clients.
Network Management On the Go
Get real-time notifications and stay alert to all managed networks with EnGenius Mobile App.
Download EnGenius Cloud White Paper
See how EnGenius serverless cloud architecture achieve reliable and scalable infrastructure and help IT managers better visualize their networks with important insights.