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Facebook Wi-Fi
EnGenius Cloud Launches Facebook Wi-Fi Integration for SMBs
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Benefits for Business Owners

Facebook Wi-Fi helps small and medium-sized businesses attract and retain customers by providing a seamless guest Wi-Fi experience. From coffee shops to event venues, customers can easily connect to the internet using their Facebook or Instagram accounts and engage with the business' social media presences.

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Outstanding Visibility

Increasing the visibility on Facebook when visitors searching for stores for free Wi-Fi

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Better Engagement

Get more likes and check-ins on your Facebook Page or Instagram Profile

  • Seamless Guest Wi-Fi
  • Better Engagement
  • Business Insights

Customers enjoy seamless connection to Wi-Fi

Facebook Wi-Fi makes it simple for businesses to offer complimentary Wi-Fi as an amenity to their customers. Businesses have the ability to customize the connection length, and integrate their Facebook page and Instagram profile for users to engage with.


Free Wi-Fi with Facebook and Instagram accounts

By making it easy for customers to engage with a business's online presence, whether by checking in on Facebook or following their profile on Instagram, Facebook Wi-Fi gives businesses an opportunity to increase their organic social engagement with customers and their friends.


Gain deeper insights into the check-in visitors

Facebook Wi-Fi provides business owners with insight into the number of check-ins through Facebook Wi-Fi from new, one-time, and returning visitors.

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Enable Facebook Wi-Fi with EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius Cloud integrates the latest Facebook Wi-Fi feature into its access points, allowing business owners to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers quickly. SMBs can use the EnGenius Cloud To-Go app to install the easy plug-and-play access point and enable Facebook Wi-Fi in seconds.

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Facebook Wi-Fi Made Easy with EnGenius Cloud To-Go App

With the EnGenius Cloud To-Go app, business owners can easily set up EnGenius access points to allow customers quick access to the Internet, offering a seamless guest Wi-Fi experience.

Full Access Points Lineup of Facebook Wi-Fi

EnGenius Access Points for Facebook Wi-Fi

Full Access Points Lineup of Facebook Wi-Fi

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